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What is a ConeBuddy?

The ConeBuddy is a ring-shaped device that sits on a traffic cone and serves customers with two clear benefits.

First, hooks around the sides allow for caution tape to be tied from one traffic cone to the next quickly. This feature enables users to create visible barriers swiftly and increases the visibility and safety of the workplace by blocking off construction sites, hazardous areas, or accidents.

The second benefit of the ConeBuddy is the utility holes where angled flags and glowsticks can both be attached to the traffic cone. These additions transform the traffic cone into a signaling device with many applications. On top of all that, a screw can even be used to make a secure connection to the traffic cone when it is windy!

The ConeBuddy radically transforms a mundane traffic cone into a tool that can benefit those in construction, law enforcement, and anyone else using traffic cones!

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Final ConeBuddy 1.0 model entering production. Screw hole can be seen on the side.

ConeBuddy on traffic cone with chem lights/glowsticks


ConeBuddy 2.0

The ConeBuddy 2.0 has everything the original ConeBuddy has with the addition of intense, flashing LEDs. This extra feature paired with the tape-holding-cleats and the warning flags creates a traffic cone that is hard to miss, even in the toughest conditions.

Having a tool like this can be essential in roadside accidents, hazardous waste situations, and general construction projects where liability can be better mitigated.

The ConeBuddy 2.0 is an all around traffic cone tool that combines three separately existing tools in the traffic cone accessories world. The ConeBuddy 2.0 was engineered to handle any situation thrown at it. It is capable of continuously blinking for a week straight before needing to refuel on batteries. The intense, red LEDs can even blind you if look too closely.

The ConeBuddy 2.0 is not on the market yet, as it is undergoing some final fine-tuning in research and development. We will bring you, our loyal customers, this great tool as soon as we feel confident it can reliably bring the value our customers require!

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