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About Us

We are a proud Appalachian company that has created a product we know can help many people in many situations.

The ConeBuddy was developed from the experiences one of the founders had with traffic cones, as there was simply no easy way to tie on caution tape.

When having to create barriers quickly to direct hundreds of people into many directions, a device solving that issue is very beneficial. The ConeBuddy does this by resting on a traffic cone, where caution tape can then easily be attached. Flags, glowsticks, and signs can then be added to increase the visibility of the area.

We are based in West Virginia, and this is where we engineered and designed the ConeBuddy. The ConeBuddy is manufactured in Meadville, Pennsylvania, where it is then shipped from.

We are proud to have kept the production of the ConeBuddy in Appalachia, as many companies simply choose to outsource their operations overseas, especially to areas in Asia.